SocksCap configuration

Fire up SocksCap and go to File->Settings menu


Enter your proxy IP address and port in Socks server/port fields. If you’re using your IP will be in ip:port format for example ( is IP address and 48212 is port). Set protocol to Socks Version 5. Tick the Username/Password checkbox unless you use IP authentication.


Now go to File->Username/Password menu and set your login and password (use the same login and password as for user panel). You can skip this step if you use IP authentication.


Now when you have your proxy configured it’s time to tell SocksCap which programs you’d like to run through it. We’ll use Firefox as an example. Press the New button in SocksCap window, set the profile name, use Browse button to find the program you’d like to run through proxy, SocksCap will set the Working Directory to the same path where program is located. Click OK to add new profile.


You can add more entries if you need. Now select the profile you’ve just added, click the Run button and SocksCap will start this program and run it’s traffic through proxy.