Proxifier configuration

Here is how to configure Proxifier with SOCKS5 proxy. Simple proxy setting in web browsers is not enough for some websites (for example video or music streaming sites using flash players) – your real IP will be still visible. Proxifier comes in handy in such cases.
First you need to obtain SOCKS5 proxy IP address. If you’re using your IP will be in ip:port format for example ( is IP address and 48212 is port). To make sure your proxy works it’s good to test it first using proxy checker that comes with Proxifier. Run the proxy checker, click the top left ‘Proxy server…’ button , set your proxy IP, port, protocol=Socks version 5, use authentication with your username and password (or don’t use it if you have IP authentication turned on) and hit ‘OK’ then ‘Start testing’. If you get the green ‘Proxy is ready to work with Proxifier’ message (above the progress bar) then you can proceed to next step.


1. Run Proxifier and select Options->Proxy Settings


2. Click the Add button in new window


3. Set proxy IP,port, protocol and authentication as you did with proxy tester then click OK and OK once again in ‘Proxy settings’ window


4. Your traffic is now routed through SOCKS proxy server. You can run a web browser and see all the connections it makes in proxifier window. Use File->Exit to stop Proxifier