Chrome proxy extension

Download link: Proxybonanza Manager in Chrome Store
1. After installing the extension, a small icon will be added next to the address bar.


2. Click the icon to open Proxybonanza Manager window. Now you can import proxy list from your account or add single proxies manually. You may also import a list in TXT or CSV format. This extension will work with ANY proxy, not only proxies. Before importing proxy list for the first time, you’ll be asked to set your Proxybonanza API key in Options page. You will find the API key in ‘Account settings’ page in user panel on website.


3. Click on proxy list row to activate the proxy. Green background indicates currently active proxy. The icon next to the address bar will show the flag of currently selected proxy country. To disable active proxy, click again on selected proxy list row or click the ‘Disable’ button at the bottom of the add-on window. Proxy list can be filtered using the text box above the list.